Well, you’re just across the street
Looks a mile to my feet
I want to go to you
Funny how I’m nervous still
I’ve always been the easy kill
I guess I always will

Could it be that everything goes ‘round by chance? (chance?)
Or only one way that it was always meant to be (be)
You kill me, you always know the perfect thing to say (hey hey, hey hey)
I know what I should do, but I just can’t walk away

I can picture your face well
From the bar in my hotel
I wish I’d go to you
I pick up put down the phone
Like your favorite Heatmeiser song goes
It’s just like being alone

Oh God, please don’t tell me this has been in vain (vain)
I need answers for what all the waiting I’ve done means (means)
You kill me, you’ve got some nerve, but can’t face your mistakes (hey hey, hey hey)
I know what I should do, but I just can’t turn away

So go on love
Leave while there’s still hope for escape
Got to take what you can these days
There’s so much ahead
So much regret
I know what you want to say
(Know what you want to say)
I know it but can’t help feeling differently
I loved you, and I should have said it
But tell me just what has it ever meant

I can’t help it baby, this is who I am (am)
Sorry, but I can’t just go turn off how I feel (feel)
You kill me, you build me up, but just to watch me break (hey hey, hey hey)
I know what I should do, but I just can’t walk away


You probably only have one distinct memory of me.

You have no idea as to who I really am.

Truth be told, I have no idea who you are either, but that has never stopped me from looking for you. I have been searching high and low at every nook and cranny, every crevice, every cave, every hole for you, really wishing that i had the guts to ask you for your number the first time i saw you. 

It has been almost a year and a half since we’ve met, you weren’t just another pretty face in the crowd, you were different, a good kind of different. 

So hi, I really hope that you would give me a shot to get to know you better, I don’t really believe in fate and all that crap, but you really just seem special. 

The truth.

You do realize that the decisions that you are making now are due to the choked up resentment that is spilling over. You are deliberately screwing things up on purpose because you want yourself to fail. You want to feel the sadness because you’re so used the depression. You are forceful and impulsive. You choose to find fault over the craziest things on purpose because you want to fail. Why do you want to fail? Why do you keep shooting yourself in the fucking foot again and again because of a cold hearted bitch who is long gone? Your defense mechanism is so flawed that it’s just pathetic and ridiculous. You want to fail. I will say it again. You want to fail because you deliberately want to feel the pain and the sadness because you think it makes you feel alive. But no. You deserve more than this. Why did you go fuck things up when you finally found someone who had the potential to be something special, she could have been great for you. And dude let’s face it. Even if she really did liked you. You’d still choose to fuck it up because you’re crazy. So enough with this. Get your shit together and stop fucking yourself up.

I really don’t give a fuck about repercussions anymore. 

Tu dis que tu es mon juge
Mais je ne te crois pas
Alors tu dis que je suis une sainte
Mais ce n’est pas moi
J’entends des voix
Mais ce n’est pas moi
Je ne suis pas Jeanne d’Arc

This dimension and the next, the living and the dead are waving to the corpse. Everybody cares. Everybody cares. I say love exists, and this is what it is. I’m polluted by my blood so help me cut it out and rinse it down the drain. Everybody cares. Everybody cares. They say love exists, but what happened to it?

Everybody’s wanting to see
Wanting to see it come alive
Pour the ashes into the cup
Mix with wine
Here’s to death, drink up

The world used to be silent
Now it has too many voices
And the noises are constant distraction
They multiply, intensify
They will divert your attention to what’s convenient
And forget to tell you about yourself
We live in an age of many stimulations
If you are focused, you are harder to reach
If you are distracted, you are available
You are distracted, you are available
You want flattery
Always looking to where it’s at
You want to take part in everything
And everything to be a part of you
Your head is spinning faster at the end of your spine
Until you have no face at all
And yet if the world would shut up, even for a while
Perhaps we will start hearing the distant rhythm of an angry young tune
And recompose ourselves
Perhaps having deconstructed everything
We should be thinking about putting everything back together

Sooner or later, this facade is gonna be broken apart.